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The Fifth President of Kenya, William Ruto is Not Buying Farms in Arusha as Speculated

Bill Ruto may be a chip from the old Block, having served as Deputy President in the Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government, but the two parted ways and the former played Lone Ranger.

In the past a King Maker whose technics made Raila the most popular candidate in 2007, William Ruto is credited for being the machinery behind Uhuru Kenyatta’s journey into the state house.

Now Bill Samoei has just made himself President.

The Kenya’s electoral commission announced Monday that Deputy President William Samoei Ruto is the winner of the close presidential polls.

Ruto thrashed by a small margin the Raila Odinga, who has frequently been contesting for the top seat.

His campaigning tune was that of a ‘Hustler’ a man who struggled to make ends meet.

He would drag along a wheel barrow, indicating humble beginnings.

William Ruto amassed 50.49 percent of the total votes. His closest rival, Raila Odinga received 48.85 Percent.

Fit to tie own laces

Ruto The Fifth has always been the hashtag in social media platforms during campaigns and election days.

Now William Samoei Ruto is ‘The Fifth’ President of Kenya.

But what about the widely circulating post that the President Elect was buying the Burka Coffee Estate of Arusha?

The Post claimed that the President Elect was investing in real estate business on the other side of the border in Tanzania, particularly, Arusha.

Apparently sources close to the Burka Coffee farm, which is located along the main Arusha-Dodoma Road, have dismissed the claims.

So it was just some political ad-libitum as campaigns took heat in Kenya?

The popularity that Ruto currently enjoys in Tanzania may well make him get free land if he wishes to.

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