Wild Meat offer Excites Bushmen during Census

They normally prefer Monkey’s flesh, but this time the Hadza Bushmen residing in the Yaeda Valley of Mbulu District, had to settle for wildebeests meat instead.

As Tanzania conducts the country’s Population and Housing Census for 2022, the usually nomadic hunters and gatherers needed a reason to gather in one place so as to be counted as well.

Hadza are people who still lead archaic lifestyles in remote areas.

Therefore the government offered the incentive of free bushmeat to get their badly needed attention.

Some 20 wildebeests were hunted down and delivered to the Hadza people, much to their delight.

The Hadza, (Singular Hadzabe) are the tongue-clicking members of the Khoisan community, closely related to their Kalahari Desert dwellers of South Africa, are quite few, their numbers estimated to be less than 1000.

They can only be found in Tanzania, precisely in the Northern parts of the country, Including Karatu and Ngorongoro in Arusha, Mbulu in Manyara and Kipamba in Singida.

Bows and arrows are their only possessions; otherwise many of them sleep in caves, others in make-shift grass huts.

Their daily menu has roots, herbs, fruits, honey and occasionally meat from small animals that they get to hunt in the bush, they never touch larger species.

This time, as it is usually the case during census years, the Hadza gets treated to fresh meat from much larger wild animals.