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Which is the Most Powerful Passport in Africa?

The Global Passport Power Ranking Index finds Seychelles’ Passport to be the most powerful taking the first position the continent and ranked Number 25 Globally.

Coming second in Africa is the Mauritius Passport, which the GPPR ranks it to be the 29th Most Powerful travel document in the World.

In East Africa it is just Passports from Kenya and Tanzania that have managed to inch into the Top-Ten Powerful Books’ listing for Africa. The two are tying at Number 10 on the continent.

Passports from Kenya, Gambia, Tanzania and the lesser known Sao Tame and Principe Islands (Gulf of Guinea) were bundled at Number Ten. These four uncanny African States also have all their passports ranking in position 65 globally.

Global Passport Power Ranking Index

Continuing with the list of Africa’s Most Powerful Passports, South Africa takes the third position on the continent and its booklet is ranked at Number 44 globally.

Botswana takes the 4th Position in Africa and its passport stands at number 54 globally.

Tunisian Passport is the 5th Most Powerful in Africa and is slotted at Number 56 in the world’s ranking.

Lesotho’s travel document enjoys the 6th Powerful position on the continent, but ranks 57th globally.

The passports of Malawi, Namibia and Eswatini are tied at Number 7 on the continent’s listing and are all ranking in the 61st Position globally.

At number eight, Morocco’s Passports seems to be doing well on the continent’s ranking, though on global listing the country’s travel document is at number 62.

Both Zambia and Cape-Verde’s passports have been slotted at Number 9 in Africa and Number 63 globally.

The other honourable mentions include the Ghanaian Passports which is at Number 11 in Africa and 67th globally.

The other two East African siblings, Rwanda and Uganda have managed to create passports powerful enough to enter into the Top-15 on the continent and both are tying at number 68 globally.

Zimbabwe, Senegal and Benin (Number 13 in Africa: Number 69 Globally)

Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso are both at Number 14 in Africa and rank 70th globally.

We are not sure how the Penguins of Madagascar, get their travel documents but the passports from the Island are the 15th most powerful on the continent and have a respectable global position of 71.

How About Nigerian Passport? The document didn’t make into the list. Neither did the DR Congo Passport or Egypt passport.

The Tanzania Times

What happened to the single African Passport?

Meanwhile no one is sure of what happened to the proposed single African (Union) Passport.

The African Union Passport is supposed to be a common travel document meant to replace existing national ones.

Launched on July 17, 2016, at the African Union’s 27th Ordinary Session, which took place in Kigali, Rwanda the continental passport was planned to be rolled out and ready for use at borders worldwide by 2020.

All African Union member state qualifies for the continental passport, which should exempt bearers from having to obtain any visas for all 55 states in Africa.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame and the late President of Chad Idriss Déby graced the occasion. But as of now the passport rollout remains a mystery.

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