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They waited until Night to bury Gunslinger who terrorized City

Hamza Hassan Mohammed, the guy who was gunned down outside the French Embassy in Dar-es-salaam, was finally laid to rest by members of his family in Upanga section of the City.

Relatives said the buried took time because of the long process involved when extracting bullets logged inside his anatomy.

He may have been shot like a terrorist, but in reality, Hamza was a respected businessman owning mineral operations in Southern Highlands of Tanzania. What drove him to attack and kill police officers is a secret which he is buried with.

Hamza was killed after he shot dead four security officers, including three policemen, near the French Embassy in Dar-es-salaam, on Wednesday, August 25.

The lone gunman was ‘gunned’ down outside the French Embassy in Dar-es-salaam

A local Uhai TV station, interviewed residents of Chunya and quoted several people who affirmed that ‘Hamza’ was not only a ‘cool’ persons but had also contributed in a number of development projects in the precinct, built an office for the ruling party (CCM) and even funded campaigns for the same, during the 2020 elections.

He also enjoyed his life, with emerging photos showing him having fun with friends and beautiful ladies as well as being at the full stocked food table, feasting and being merry. What therefore drove him to commit such atrocious acts, is still a mystery.

…..Hamza could seriously tuck into his menu with relish!

However, the latest video clip, featuring his final words, Hamza is heard issuing a warning to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Simon Sirro, saying if the latter continues to harass Muslim Youths, then he will face the wrath of Allah.

In another clip, from the late Hamza’s handset, the suspect is seen brandishing a pistol as religious chanting is heard from an audio system in background.

Gracing a funeral mass for the deceased policemen, victims of the irate city shooter, IGP Sirro pointed out that criminals are well known people in society and that families and friends should report any suspects regardless of their relations.

Neighbors say, when Hamza returned to Tanzania after studying in Egypt, he seemed to have adopted religious extremism.

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