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United States Mulls Working with Tanzania to Produce Battery-Grade Nickel

The United States wants to work with Tanzania in establishing mineral processing facilities to produce battery grade nickel for export.

The new development comes at the time when the world is moving rapidly towards replacing combustion engines with lithium-ion battery cells as power mills for motor vehicles.

This was among the future plans of cooperation between the U.S. and selected African Countries as mapped out by the American Vice President, Kamala Harris during her Tanzanian leg of a week-long tour of Africa, recently.

“Work is currently underway to build the first of its kind processing facility on the continent for minerals that go into electric vehicle batteries.” VP Kamala Harris revealed during her press statement.

“This will deliver battery-grade nickel to the U.S. and global markets as soon as 2026,” The US Vice President.

“Raw minerals will soon be processed in Tanzania by Tanzanians.”

“This will not only help to address the climate crisis, but also build resilient global supply chains and create new industries and jobs,” Harris maintained.

She also expounded on the envisaged increased US exports to Tanzania.

US Exports to Tanzania

The Export-Import Bank of the United States will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tanzania to facilitate up to USD 500 million to that effect.

According to the US Vice President, the funds will expedite the United States’ exports to Tanzania in the form of transportation, infrastructure, digital technology and sustainable clean energy projects.

At the moment the value of US exports to Tanzania averages at USD 260 Million.

The EXIM Bank provides direct loans, commercial loan guarantees, export credit insurance and working capital guarantees for exporters in the United States.

As it happens, the value of the trade between Tanzania and the United States for the five year period between 2017 and 2021 added up to a rather low USD 1.53 Billion.

In the same period trade transactions between China and Tanzania was nearly four times higher at USD 11.13 Billion.

Fifth Generation Network

VP Kamala Harris also expressed that her nation will hatch a partnership with Tanzania to ensure countrywide deployment of 5G Technology as well as enhancing Cybersecurity.

“We are launching a new partnership between the United States and Tanzania on the advancement of 5G technology and cyber security.”

Vice President Kamala Harris left Dar for Lusaka, where she will wind up her week-long tour in three African countries of Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.

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