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Ukraine intends to issue country’s Visas from Dar-es-Salaam this October

Tanzanian citizens intending to travel to Eastern Europe no longer needs to seek Ukraine Visas from Nairobi, Kenya, but effective from October 2021 they will be able to secure the diplomatic seals in Dar-es-salaam.

Ukraine has no diplomatic offices in Tanzania. The country relies on its Kenyan Embassy in Nairobi to represent the East African Region, including handling Visa matters.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Ambassador Mbarouk Nassoro Mbarouk, stated in Dar-es-salaam that his office held a virtual meeting with his Ukraine Foreign Affairs Ministry and the two parties have now agree to foster closer diplomatic relations.

Ambassador Mbarouk Nassoro Mbarouk

For starters, Ukraine will establish a consulate in Dar to serve as the country’s Visa issuance center for Tanzania as from October 2021.

Afterwards, the Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to outfit a delegation of members of the country’s business community to visit Tanzania in the near future scouting for potential areas for trade and investments.

But so far, according to Deputy Foreign Minister, Mbarouk, Tanzania will benefit in borrowing a leaf from Ukraine’s flourishing Wheat Production industry.

Wheat happens to be the fourth most consumed crop after maize, cassava, and rice, in Tanzania. Over 90 percent of wheat grown in Tanzania originates from the northern and southern highlands regions.

Wheat is the 4th most traded product in Ukraine. The country exports wheat to mostly Egypt, valued at US$ 685M, Indonesia (US $603M), Philippines (US $242M), Turkey (US $207M), and Tunisia (US $196M)

Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, but is still developing. Tanzania, on the other hand is the largest country in East Africa in sheer size as well as population.

Ukraine is however doing well in tourism; being ranked in the 8th position in Europe as far as the number of tourists arrivals is concerned, according to the World Tourism Organization (WTO) placement.

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