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Ugandan Journalist arrested for ‘questioning ongoing abductions’ in the country

The Police in Uganda are still holding one of the country’s outspoken journalists, Dickson Mubiru.

But reasons behind the journo’s arrest are still baffling, some claiming it was an order from state house, while others say some big businessman was behind his arrest.

Mubiru disappeared in the last week of December 2022 shortly after what is being reported by the local press union (UJA) as his decision to question the head of state about series of abductions going on in Uganda, during a press meeting.

He spent Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 holidays behind bars.

According to the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA), Dickson Mubiru’s arrest could have something to do with him questioning President Yoweri Museveni about ongoing abduction cases in Uganda.

However, the Entebbe State House has distanced itself from the arrest of the journalist.

Mubiru, owns and runs ‘Ono Bwiino’ newspaper as well as ‘The Grapevine,’ online news website.

He was allegedly arrested by Nkurumah Road Police officers and later on moved to Kira Police Station.

The UJA Secretary General Emmanuel Kirunda issued a statement claiming that the journalist was arrested for annoying the First Family.

“Our colleague senior journalist Dickson Mubiru of Ono ye Bwiino News Publications has been arrested,” says the UJA statement.

“Mubiru had put a question to the president about the ongoing abductions during the recent journalists’ engagement with the president at house was arrested for annoying the first family, according to the Nkurumah road police officers,” UJA Secretary Emmanuel Kirunda wrote.

After his arrest, the police raided the journalist’s media offices.

In response the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Faruk Kirunda, said the First Family has nothing to do with Mubiru’s arrest.

Meanwhile, according to some sources, Mubiru has some unsettled issues with businessman Hamis Kiggundu alias Ham, and it is being alleged that the latter is the one behind his arrest.

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