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Uganda halts Textile Firm Operations after Horrid Discharge into River Nile

Uganda has issued Red Light warning to a local textile firm, before closing the same, following the worrisome red liquid discharge from the factory into River Nile.

The overflow from the textile factory in Jinja was turning river nile waters bloody. However it has been controlled so far.

The Tanzania Times was the first to report the incident. last Tuesday, the 4th of January 2022, causing the issue to go viral throughout the continent.

The Jinja-based, Nyanza Textile Industries Limited (Nytil), an integrated textile manufacturing company of Uganda was discovered to be pouring crimson discharge into the Victoria Nile, turing the river waters red.

The factory is located in Njeru Town of Buikwe District along the western bank of River Nile, in fact right between the source if Victoria Nile and Nalubaale Hydroelectricity Power Station. 

NEMA officials checking the horrid liquid overflow at the Textile Firm

Nytil General Manager, Viny Kumar admitted that his factory indeed produced the maroon colored overflow but added that they did also apply efforts are to rectify the problem.

“Our factory has since been established that the effluent treatment infrastructure suffered a breakdown resulting in the accidental overflow of effluent into the river. Fortunately, the engineering team was already on ground to fix the problem and resolve it with finality.”

Viny Kumar – Nytil

He took time to apologize for what he described as ‘inconvenience that could have been caused,’

The Nytil General Manager said the company is committed to ensure that such incident will never occur again in future.

He claimed that Nytil remains committed to sustainable development and will continue working with partners and people of goodwill to protect mother nature. The inconvenience caused by this isolated and unprecedented incident is regretted.”

Except the Uganda National Environment Management Authority has just halted all the factory activities.

Earlier, NEMA had noted they had sent a team of inspectors to the site to assess the impact of the overflow.

Many Ugandans feel that, despite rectifying the problem, the government should also have tasked the factory with penalties for such massive environmental degredation.

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