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Toyota Landcruisers May Soon Disappear From Scene, Until Sometimes in 2024

If you happen to own a Landcruiser and was planning to sell the vehicle, hoping to buy a new one, better hold on to it for a while.

Toyota Motors of Japan has just announced that there might be great shortages of the trusted Four-Wheelers.

In Tanzania, the country’s Tourism industry depends on Landcruiser cars by more than 80 percent.

The rugged vehicles are used to transport tourists, visitors, rangers and researchers into Game and Forest Reserves, also in National Parks and other off road precincts.

They are also the base vehicle for security forces.

With the looming shortages of the cruisers it may be time for such institutions and companies to enviously maintain their fleet properly on that the new ones may not be available before the end of 2024.

The affected models include the new high-end Landcruiser Series 300 whose orders have been suspended by Toyota Japan. These may resurface in this shores in 2025.

“Apology for suspension of orders. Thank you for considering our vehicle. Landcruiser has been very well received, not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world and we are currently suspending orders because demands greatly exceed our production capacity.”

A statement from Toyota Japan

Even if production gets on move, it seems Toyota will first serve domestic market, then big clients abroad before considering other lesser markets such as Africa.

The Car Manufacturer says global demand of the luxury SUVs the LC 300 have exceeded the company’s production capacity, which means they won’t be receiving any international orders for almost two years from now.

The other widely popular Landcruiser Series 70 (currently 79) are also undergoing major upgrade, which means once the old stock clears, there might be two-year long scarcity of the popular off-roaders.

Toyota Landcruisers are what drives the Tanzania Tourism Industry

The 70 series usually come in form of Hardtops, Troop Carriers, Pickup trucks and Wagons (LX).

The cruisers are the de facto vehicles used in the East African Tourism Industry.

They are also a favorite among Governments and Non-Government Organizations, Outreach services institutions and Relief agencies.

Expensive as the vehicles are, Toyota sells its Landcruiser marquee to nearly 180 countries worldwide at the rate of 10,000 units per year.

The Landcruiser is Toyota’s longest-selling model. The vehicle launched on August 1, 1951, then known as the Toyota “Jeep BJ,” and since then its production has continued for nearly 72 years now.

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