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To Russia with Love: Mathuki makes hasty exit from Arusha, landing in Moscow. But Why?

Mystery surrounds the case of Dr Peter Mathuki the former Secretary General of the East African Community who has just exited from the post prematurely, catching the first plane to Moscow.

SG Mathuki had just served three out of the expected five years of his tenure at the Arusha-based EAC Secretariat when an official announcement from Nairobi declared him a new Kenyan envoy to Russia.

This new development comes at the time when a series of complaints were being lodged against Dr Mathuki by other officials and staff at the East African Community who were apparently not very happy with his conduct.

None of the officials at the EAC headquarters were ready to issue any comment regarding Mathuki’s sudden departure from Arusha.

President William Ruto has however just picked Mathuki to be the new ambassador of Kenya to Moscow. He will thus be replaced by another Secretary General from Nairobi who reports to Arusha anytime soon.

Mathuki who took over the post in 2021, was the sixth East African Community Secretary General and the second one from Kenya.

It was after the re-established East African Community in 1999 when the EAC Treaty came into force and the first interim Secretary General Francis Muthaura from Kenya was named in July 2000 and served for nine months until April 2001.

Since then there have been five other secretaries-general appointed by the relevant heads of state. Both the secretary-general position and the chairman position are appointed on a rotational basis by the respective partner states.

After Muthaura, came an EAC Secretary General from Uganda, in the person of Nuwe Amanya Mushega who served the post from April 2001 to 2006.

Ambassador Juma Mwapachu from Tanzania took over the post from April 2006 all the way to April 2011.

Juma Mwapachu was succeeded by Richard Sezibera from Rwanda presiding from April 2011 to March 2016.

After Sezibera, the EAC Secretary General office in Arusha was handed to Liberat Mfumukeko from Burundi who served the post between 2016 and March 2021.

It was after Mfumukeko’s tenure ended, when Dr Peter Mathuki from Kenya moved in from April 2021 until his sudden departure in 2024. He is now catching a plane to Moscow.

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