The Netherlands’ New Investment Strategy with Tanzania, Kicks Off Next Year

The Netherlands is working on a new multiannual strategy with Tanzania targeting to improve the business environment between the two countries.

The soon to be rolled out strategy, announced during business forum in Arusha, will be executed between 2023 and 2026.

“A key aim of this strategy is to work with Tanzania in its efforts to reduce the number of bottlenecks and further enhance an enabling business environment,” said the Netherlands Ambassador Wiebe de Boer.

According to the Dutch envoy, the initiative will help create a level playing field and make Tanzania a favourite for investors, one in which all firms compete on an equal footing to offer consumers everywhere the widest possible choice and the best value for money.

“This will not only be for Dutch companies but also for Norwegian or Tanzanian firms and it will involve large corporates as well as start-ups,” reveals Ambassador Boer.

Within the European Union, the Netherlands happens to be Tanzania’s second largest trade destination and by far the most active Foreign Direct Investment inflow country.

“The total capital value of Netherlands’ investments in Tanzania stands at USD 1.06 billion, which translates into over 2.4 trillion/- in local currency.”

The Tanzania Investments Center (TIC). Dar-es-salaam

The Director of Investments at the TIC, Revocatus Rashel reveals that the more than 170 projects undertaken by Dutch firms operating in the country have been employing 15,000 Tanzanians.

There are more than 80 Dutch companies operating in Tanzania, including top international seed breeders and global tour operators serving tourists from all over the world.

Many Dutch investors chose to be a long-term partner of Tanzania in good and bad times.

For more than 50 years, the Royal Dutch Airline (KLM) has maintained daily flights from Amsterdam to Tanzania and according to the envoy this significantly contributes to tourism growth and export of high value horticultural products.

Ambassador Boer mentioned Agricultural firms such as Rijk Zwaan, East West Seeds and Enza Zaden to be case examples, as well as many other locally established horticultural, tourism and hospitality companies that have continued to revolutionize and promote Tanzania agricultural exports globally.