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The First Bicycle on Mount Meru: 14 Riders Manage to reach Summit, 13 Flop

Out of the 27 Bicycles that undertook the maiden expedition to reach the peak of Mount Meru, only 14 managed to get to the summit.

With such a 50 percent success, in maiden attempt to conquer Tanzania’s second highest peak using Mountain Bikes, it proves that the Meru Summit is yet another big challenge in this type of tourism.

Observers list the adventure among the tough activities that global daredevils yearning for the impossible may want to try.

“Fourteen Men on the barren Mountain’s Peak….. Yo-ho-hoo! And a Flask of Tea!”

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which is Africa’s highest peak, using bicycles, has already been done before, in fact frequently.

The giant snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro is located some 100 kilometers from Mount Meru.

But as it happens, the recent expedition to get to the peak of Mount Meru, riding bicycles was the first to be attempted by the nearly 30 cyclists, including a couple of international riders.

The Tanzania National Parks through the Arusha National Park, plans to make Mountain Biking to the Meru peak one of the attraction for the destination located at the foot of the country’s second highest summit.

“Bycle riding is not a new venture at Arusha National Park. The destination has been offering walking safaris, horse riding and biking are common activities. However climbing Mount Meru using bicycles is happening for the first time. The Park now intends to include the feat among the activities to be enjoyed by visitors.”

Catherine Mbena – The Assistant Commissioner for the Tanzania National Park, in-charge of corporate communications

Elevating at 4566 meters above sea level, Mount Meru peaks slightly below the snowline, thus usually lacking the glaciers, except during some uncanny occassions.

However, being steeper and more corrugated than its much higher sister, the Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru according to climbers, is always more challenging to climb.

Bashir Shah of Pedal Tanzania during the start of the expedition. Did he reach the summit?

The maiden Mount Meru Bycle climb was organized by Arusha National Park in conjunction with Doroba Tours and Safaris, one of the country’s oldest travel company.

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