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maasai grazers rescue ten buffaloes stuck in wild quagmire

Kiteto, Manyara.

Normally Buffaloes, ferocious as they can be, should be the last species that humans would ever dare get close to.

But for the case of Kiteto, a team of livestock grazers had to risk it as they helped to rescue ten such wild animals that got stuck inside a ground sinkhole.

This goes to cement the fact that, the Maasai remain the closest friends to wildlife.

The incident occurred in the wilderness of Kiteto District of Manyara Region, where several huge buffaloes entered into the large water filled wide pit, but couldn’t get out.
“They remained hopelessly stuck in the muddy hollow, for hours until a team of Maasai grazers from nearby Makame village went for rescue.” our informer who preferred anonymity stated.
It seems like the ferocious mammals ventured into the wide pool in search of water but ended up being trapped into its muddy bottom.
The loose steep soil walls of the carved-in ground also made it impossible for the heavy wild animals to climb out.
The wilderness is mapped within the Makame-Indema, Wildlife Management Area, which is the largest WMA in Tanzania, encompassing 5372 square kilometers.
The Makame WMA is found in Kiteto District, surrounded by a number of hunting blocks, including; Maasai Open Area (West), Irkushbor and Maasai Open Area (East) on the North, Mkungunero Open Area and Maasai Open Area (South) in West and Talamai Open Area in the South east.
Famed for large herds of Buffaloes, the savanna and shrub landscape is also home species like the Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, Leopard, Oryx, Lesser Kudu, Eland, Gerenuk, Klipspringer, Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Zebra, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Reedbuck, Hyaena, Thomson Gazelle and Grants Gazelle and Warthog, Impala, Dik-dik and Wild pig.

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