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Tanzanite Mines In Mirerani to Sustain Gemstones Industry Beyond 2045

Just as larger planks of Tanzanite Gemstones are being unearthed from Mirerani quarries, it is reported that there are more than 1760 million tons of the rare minerals are yet to be lifted.

Tanzania’s Mining sector growth line meanwhile ascends the charts with the industry pumping out 623 billion/- worth of revenue each year, as of latest records.

Minister for Minerals, Dotto Biteko, reveals here that the Mining Sector is currently leading in foreign currency generation while its contribution to the country’s GDP has also been upped from 7 to nearly 8 percent.

Recently, the Minister of Minerals graced the occasion in which two large Tanzanite Gemstones, discovered from the quarry belonging to artisan miner, Anselm Kawishe, were being officially displayed at Mirerani Hills.

The state bought the two Tanzanite stone findings at 2.24 Billion/- on the spot.

Anslem Kavishe, who is the proud owner of the valuable games, said the small scale miners with quarries in Mirerani, Simanjiro should appreciate the government support to the sector.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Adolf Ndunguru revealed that one piece of the blue gemstones weighing at 3.7 kilogram was valued at 1.5 billion/- while the smaller stone tipping the scale at 1.48 kilograms was bought at 1.5 billion/-

There are many more where those came from

According to recent research findings, the rate of mineral extraction at the foot of Mirerani Hills is pegged at 54 tons of Tanzanite per year.

That means it will take more than 20 years before the rocks containing rare mineral become exhausted.

The quarries of Mirerani

In 2018 when inaugurating the Mirerani wall, former President, the late John Pombe Magufuli stated that Tanzanite reserves holds the minerals to sustain mining activities until 2045 or beyond.

He said the current rate of extracting 54 tons per year, was on slower side.

Apparently, there is nearly 2 trillion tons of the rare blue gemstones at Mirerani’s the Block C’ quarry alone.

Such reserve will take up to 2042 before being exhausted, at the current mining rate.

But geological experts say there is even bigger chance of new Tanzanite reserves to be discovered in future.

There are 1700 firms dealing with Tanzanite Mining in the Northern Zone so far.

But the Area Member of Parliament, Christopher Ole Sendeka, is lamenting the pathetic conditions of the roads leading to the Tanzanite mining areas, saying such an important location needs better infrastructure.

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