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Tanzania’s GDP grows in 2022; country Ranks 11th in Africa but 74th Globally

Latest Gross Domestic Product positioning ranks Tanzania at Number 11 in Africa, beating Libya, Tunisia and DR Congo.

Tanzania’s Gross Domestic Product stands at USD 74.54 billion according to the Geoworld Magazine’s latest report of 2022. The country is second in East Africa, and ranks 74 globally, according to the current data.

The country’s GDP has certainly glown from last year’s USD 65.92 billion despite maintaining the same position it held on the continent in 2021.

When it comes to the latest GDP positioning, 2022, Kenya leads in the East African Region with USD 116.64 billion, taking position number ‘Six’ on the continent and ranking 62nd globally.

Gross Domestic Product is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a specific time period by a specific country.

Nigeria tops Africa’s GDP listing with USD 555.35 billion, ranking at number 27 globally.

Lagos City of Nigeria

Egypt comes second on the continent with USD 438.35 billion ranking 33rd globally.

South Africa is third on the continent, its GDP measured at USD 435.21 billion and ranking at number 34 on the globe.

Algeria with USD 168.20 billion, GDP, comes in at number Four in Africa and number 58 globally’

Morocco ranks fifth on the continent with a GDP of USD 132.65 billion, which places the country on the 60th position globally. Kenya follows at number six.

In the Seventh Position on the continent, stands Ethiopia with a GDP of USD 94.00 billion and a global ranking of 66th.

Ghana’s GDP is measured at USD 82.02 billion, thus ranking at Number 8 in Africa and taking the 71st position globally.

Ivory Coast ranks at Number 9 in Africa with a GDP of USD 75.08 billion, taking the 72nd position globally.

The Geoworld Magazine listing places Angola at Number Ten in Africa with a GDP of USD 74.95 billion, which positions the country at number 73 globally.

After Angola thus comes Tanzania, slightly off the top-ten at number 11.

Despite abundant Natural Resources and sheer large expanse of fertile land, the Democratic Republic of Congo, only managed the 12th Position on the continent with a GDP of USD 59.25 billion. The DR Congo also ranks 86th globally.

At position number 13 in Africa, comes Cameroon, with a GDP of USD 48.30 billion and a global ranking at number 88.

Uganda, which rank 14th on the continent, is the third East African country worth mentioning with a GDP of USD 47.00 billion and a global ranking of number 90.

Tunisia is slotted in at Number 15 on the continent. With a GDP of 45.50 billion, the country ranks at number 91 globally.

Completing the top twenty and ranking from number 16 to 20 respectively on the continent are Sudan (USD 37.77 billion), Senegal (USD 30.04 billion), Libya (USD 29.20 billion), Zimbabwe (USD 27.81 billion) and Zambia (USD 24.00 billion).

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