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Tanzanians in Ukraine to flee through Poland, Romania. Kenyans Via Hungary

The Tanzanian Government, through an official press statement, has confirmed that there are over 300 citizens from the country who are still stuck in Ukraine, but these can use Poland and Romania to escape.

An advisory from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation apparently wants all Tanzanians that are stuck in Ukraine to vacate the country and move to either Poland or Romania where the situation is more stable.

The Advisory

However, the government statement, signed by Emmanuel Buhohela the Head of State Communications Department, did not explain how the Tanzanians can travel from Kyiv to Poland and Romania, or if it was even possible for them to do so under the current state of affairs in Eastern Europe.

The statement only claims that it will be easy for Tanzanians in Ukraine to be flown back home once they manage to cross into either Poland or Romania.

However, relible reports from there assures that the western part of Ukraine is relatively safe because there is very little military activities going on there.

Still, the government says that as of now there are no reports of any Tanzanian who has encountered problems, or harmed in the ongoing Russian attacks onto Ukraine.

While there are 300 Tanzanians said to be in Ukraine, Kenya reports to have 200 of its citizens, mostly students in the country. Uganda is reporting 100 of its citizens there. Rwanda, according to its media outlets, has 90 people in Ukraine. There are no figures available from Burundi or South Sudan as of yet.

Until now the government is simply appealing to residents, especially those with relatives working or children studying in Ukraine to remain calm as efforts to get them away from the country continues.

From the neighboring country of Kenya, reports have that even Kenyans in Ukraine are relatively safe, except some of them are snugged up at the border points, particularly with Poland because the roads are bogged down with vehicle traffic.

Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are said to allow foreigners fleeing Ukraine with valid travel documents to cross their borders and into the country.

Kenya’s Ministry of foreign affairs stated that Slovakia, and Hungary will now allow Kenyans without visas but with Kenyan travel documents to cross their borders while on transit, provided they have air tickets handy.

While there are 300 Tanzanians said to be in Ukraine, Kenya reports to have 200 of its citizens, mostly students in the country. Uganda is reporting 100 of its citizens there.

At least 120,000 Ukranians have so far fled from their country following last Week’s Russian attacks.

The United States estimates that the Russian invasion could produce between 1 million and 5 million refugees.

Satellite images show miles of vehicles attempting to cross into nearby Romania at the Siret border crossing. Poland and Slovakia are also bracing to accept refugees from Ukraine.

Satellite images show a 4-mile-long traffic jam of people, cars and trucks trying to leave Ukraine and cross into Romania on Friday near the Siret border crossing. (Satellite image ©2022 Maxar Technologies)

“In these tragic times, our thoughts are on the Ukrainian people, on all Ukrainian women, men and children, forced to live in terror, innocent and collateral victims of a war they do not understand and did not want,” Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said was recently quoted as saying.

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