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Tanzanian Traveler Arrested at Airport in India, Reportedly Carrying 108 Pellets of Heroin in his body’

A Tanzanian who was reportedly transporting 108 capsules of heroin in his belly, has been nabbed in India.

The haul of the narcotic drugs said to have been in the stomach, was purged out of his body at a nearby hospital.

‘The Hindu,’ online newspaper claims that the 50-year-old Tanzania was carrying in his anatomy nearly 1.4 kilograms of heroin worth nearly USD 75,000.

These capsules were cut opened and the smuggled Heroin weighed 1389.100 grams (The Hindu)

The Suspect was caught at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, in Shamshabad.

Though the passenger was initially arrested on April 26, he had to be first admitted to a hospital for six days.

Some 108 capsules of heroin wrapped in the adhesive transparent tape, were purged out from his body, according to ‘The Hindu.’

After being arrested, the passenger was later remanded to a judicial custody in India.

Customs officials said that based on passenger profiling and body behavior, the officers of the Air Intelligence Unit at the airport identified and intercepted the suspect.

The Media outlet says the arrested person was a Tanzanian, aged about 50 Years.

He was travelling from Johannesburg via Abu Dhabi, aboard the Etihad Airways Flight No. EY-274.

When questioned, the passenger admitted that he had ingested capsules containing Heroin.

The passenger was then promptly taken before the Magistrate where the court’s permission was obtained to enable the suspect get an admission to a hospital where the capsules were purged out.

These capsules purged by the passenger were cut opened and the smuggled Heroin weighed 1389.100 grams was seized. The contraband could fetch USD 75,000 in the international grey market.

It was first suspected that the pellets could have been swallowed in South Africa, before he flew to India.

However, during the investigation, the man revealed that he swallowed the capsules in Tanzania.

“He was supposed to purge them over a period of three to four days and hand over to an unknown person,” the officer said.

He said that due to the alertness and timely action by the Officers of Customs, the passenger was nabbed immediately on his arrival at Hyderabad. Further investigation is in progress.

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