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‘Houston we have a Problem!’ Texas Road Rage shooting claims Tanzanian student’s life

The family of Humphrey Magwira, the 20-year-old Tanzanian student who was killed during road rage shooting in Texas, United States, have successfully raised the required funds to enable the deceased body flown home for burial.

Magwira wa showered with bullets when his car crashed behind another vehicle in Houston, while on his way to have his hair trimmed. Apparently, the driver of the other car, a 19-year-old Ramon Vasquez didn’t take it easy.

After the accident involving his car and that of Humphrey, Ramon reportedly got out of his vehicle and shot Magwira several times

Humphrey killed in senseless shooting in the Houston City of Texas

After the shooting, the 19-year-old Houston resident Ramon Vasquez reportedly went into hiding.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office says the suspected was later arrested on the following day, that is Saturday.

“This senseless and tragic loss of life occurred as result of a minor unintentional vehicle collision,” Sheriff Eric Fagan was quoted as saying.

Humphrey was a student at the University of Houston

Brother fundraises to transport the deceased back to Tanzania.

“Hi, my name is Rodricque and I have created this fundraiser to help my brother come home…” he writes.

“We are planning on shipping his body to Tanzania, our home country, for the funeral. Humphrey was only 20 years old and was pursuing a major in Computer Engineering.”

“Humphrey was a bright student and a talented athlete with a bright future ahead of him that dimmed on the fateful evening of October 15, 2021. “

“He was shot point blank six times involving a minor car accident where the individual came out of the vehicle and shot my brother with no remorse being given for human life.”

“This was not just a incident where he just died, he was murdered with no valid reason being given.”

“Authorities have not concluded if he was conscious or not during his murder only that he was shot and was alive enough to be transported to a hospital where he breathed his last breath.”

“My brother’s life mattered and  he leaves behind an eight year old sister, and older brother (me)and a mother and father who are wanting justice for their son.

For Tanzanian people who wish to donate, please donate through +255-715-447 436-tigopesa and +255-754-447-436-vodapesa (Janet Kuyangana).


Popular online activist, Mange Kimambi who happens to be among the Tanzanian Diaspora raising awareness to the ‘Help Humphrey Come Home’ fundraiser, reported on her Instagram page that US $21,629 has been collected surpassing the US $20,000 target.

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