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Tanzanians in Germany elect new leaders of their Union

Tanzanians living in Germany, through their diaspora association, have just conducted the Union’s General Elections and choose new leaders to govern them for the next two years.

Reports reaching the Tanzania Times from Berlin indicate that the 2023 General Election for the Union of Tanzanians in Germany (UTU) pitted five candidates who were vying for four positions of leadership.

The positions include the Union’s Chair, the Vice Chairperson, UTU Secretary General and the Union’s Treasurer.

As usual, this year’s polls also featured long and heated campaigning activities but eventually the winners were declared.

The five contending candidates included Miriam Liebhart Mkumbwa and Lukuta A. Mgoya both running for the top post of the Union Chairperson.

There was also Aloyce Ngusa Sengo who stood alone in running for the Vice-Chairperson position but still faced challenges.

Daniel (Dan) Mabena also had no rival in running for the Secretary General’s position, but despite this, he had to really sweat it out.

Apparently, the same case applied to Senais Joseph Nyambo (Slim), originally from Arusha, who was contesting alone for the UTU Treasury position.

The General Elections’ final results saw Mariam Liebhart Mkumbwa being picked out as the new Chairperson of the Union of Tanzanians living in Germany (UTU).

It was a close run but Mariam managed to rake in 54 percent of the votes, beating her rival, Lukuta Mgoya.

As anticipated, Aloyce Ngusa Sengo, who essentially had no rival in the race for the UTU Vice- Chairperson slot, won the position with 87 percent of the total ballots that were cast.

And of course, the walkover win also applied to Daniel Dan Mabena who amassed 67 percent of the votes in filling the Secretary General slot for the Union der Tansanier in Deutschland.

The ‘slim’ Senais Joseph Nyambo is now the UTU Treasurer having won the position from the 80 percent of the votes, garnered in the polls. Nyambo was also lucky enough to have contested alone.