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Tanzanian Athletics team ready to conquer All Africa Games in Ghana

A team of eight athletes including an ace Javelin lady from Zanzibar forms the national squad to represent Tanzania in the forthcoming All Africa Games in Ghana.

Team Captain, Josephat Joshua said the preparatory camp which was pitched in Arusha was well catered for and the envoys have moral responsibility to ensure that they return back home with victory.

“It was high altitude training at the Arusha venue and the environment was conducive,” said Joshua.

He explained that since the runners will be competing at sea level in Accra their preparatory base in Northern Tanzania which was on high altitude technically should be an advantage to them.

The Tanzanian team comprises eight envoys, among them 5 male runners and 3 female athletes.

These include the Half-Marathon racers, Josephat Joshua and Mao Hhando who will cover 21 kilometers; then there are 5000 meters and 10,000 meters races to be covered by Peter Gidoska.

For the 100 meters and 200 meters events there are Ali Gulam and Gasis Gegasa all being male runners.

For the women, there is the half-marathon envoy, Transfora Mussa to race in the 21 kilometers event, and then there is a 5000 meters runner, Hamida Nasoro.

For the discus and javelin activities, Tanzania is sending a single sports lady, Mwanaamina Mkwayu who hails from Zanzibar Island.

Apparently Tanzania did win a gold medal in Javelin during the first All Africa Games and this again was courtesy of another female athlete.

The National Team delegation to Ghana will be accompanied by two coaches, Francis Nade and Makame Hassan as well as the squad technician, Alfredo Shahanga.

Shahanga said they have hatched a special program to assist the team since the time of preparatory camp all the way to the competition time.

“We are departing to Accra on March 14 because the athletics events at All Africa Games commences from March 18, 2024,” he stated.

Organized by the African Union and taking place in Accra City from 8 to 24 March 2024, All Africa Games are the continent’s own Olympics.

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