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Tanzania Tourist Board Wins World Travel Awards 2022

For the first time the Tanzania Tourist Board has beaten similar entities on the continent to emerge as Africa’s Leading Tourist Board in the World Travel Awards 2022.

While Kenya grabbed the WTA best African destination this year, Tanzania, which won last year still has the chance to fight for the World’s leading safari destination which Kenya won in 2021.

The TTB award may essentially indicate that Tanzania could also be on the way to become the leading tourists’ destination in the world 2022.

Last year, the Kenya Tourist Board was voted the World Travel Award, while Tanzania got the leading African destination title.

Tanzania has been nominated for the WTA World Leading Safari Destination 2022 whose voting results come out next month.

On the other hand, Tanzania has once more produced the Leading Tour Operator in Africa this year.

Zara Adventure Tours of Moshi has been voted Africa’s Leading Tour Operator winning the WTA continental award for the first time.

Winning the continental title means Zara now competes for the World Best Tour Operator in the forthcoming global awards.

Last year, the Goshen Safari of Arusha won the WTA Best Tour Operator Award.

The number of awards that Tanzania won in the 2022 World Travel Awards has also dropped from over 20 last year to just five this year.

Tanzania is home to Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro which was nominated in the WTA but lost to the Table Mountain of South Africa.

The country is also where the great wildebeests’ migration takes place every year in the Serengeti which has also won Africa’s leading National Park in the WTA 2022 Awards.

Tanzania’s Zanzibar Islands have grabbed the continent’s Leading Beach Destination title, while the nearby Thanda Island bags the Africa’s Leading Luxury Island award 2022.

The country receives an average of 1.5 million tourists per year but is working to triple the number so that foreign visitors’ arrival may reach the set target of 5 million tourists by the year 2025.

TTB wins the African category of World Travel Awards 2022


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