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Tanzania to churn out 4.6 million tons of Coal by June 2023

Tanzania expects to produce 4.6 million Tons of Coal in the fiscal year ending in June 2023.

That will be more than three times the amount of coal realized last year.

Previously, the country had churned out a total of 1.5 million tons of coal during the fiscal year which ended in 2022.

The Tanzania Mining Commission (TMC) Executive Secretary, Engineer Yahya Samamba reveals that the extracted coal was valued at more than USD 211 Million last year.

According to Engineer Sambamba, a consignment of more than 800,000 tons of the produced coal was exported overseas while 600,000 tons of the combustible sedimentary rocks were sold within the country.

Local cement factories are reportedly the major consumers of mined coal in Tanzania.

Tanzanian coal is being shipped through the South-Eastern Mtwara Port to overseas countries, including India and Poland.

The country also sells its coal products to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Engineer Samamba points out that coal mining, especially the undertakings in Ruvuma region, continues to play a central role in fueling the performance of the country’s mining industry.

The Mining Commission explains that coal mining is currently attracting more potential investors, while existing ones continuing to extend their investments’ footholds.

On the other hand, the government is striving to ensure serious management of future coal production activities.

So far in first half of the ongoing fiscal year 2022/2023 the country has managed to produce nearly 1.6 million tons of coal between July and December 2022.

Meanwhile more than three million tons of coal are expected to be produced between January and June 2023.

During his recent meetings with key Mining stakeholders in Ruvuma Region, the Minister of Minerals, Dr Dotto Biteko was informed that there are more and more Tanzanians who currently joining coal mining sector and working in a number of extraction firms.

Meanwhile Tanzania, through the Mining Commission continues to create an enabling environment for investors in the coal mining sector.

Steps being taken include improvement of infrastructure such as roads, power supply (electricity) and other important inputs.

Engineer Samamba adds further that there are other numerous investment opportunities available in the mining sector, especially in Njombe region where copper, gold and manganese minerals are found in abundance.

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