Tanzania intends to build giant grain silos in Mombasa, Kenya

Tanzania is envisaging the construction of giant grain storage facilities and distribution center in Mombasa, Kenya.

The proposed large Silos, planned for the Coastal City of Kenya are meant to facilitate trading of surplus food crops between Tanzania and the immeadiate neighboring country.

Tanzania has already established and operating two-grain storage facilities in Lubumbashi, the Southern Province in the Democratic Rebublic of Congo (DRC) and Juba, the Capital City of South Sudan.

Tanzania boasts surpulus when it comes to farm produce

It was recently reported by the Tanzania Cereals and Other Produce Board (CPB) that the grain centres in Juba and Lubumbashi are already doing vibrant business, which means the Mombasa facility should be even better.

The two grain stations in SS and DRC stations started to operate in December 2021.

According to the country’s Agriculture Minister, Hussein Bashe, the Silos in Juba, Lubumbashi and the one envisaged for Mombasa are supposed to be used by both the government and private sector.

In recent years, Tanzania has been recording Food Surplus from the country’s agricultural harvests. In this ongoing financial year, 2021/22 for instance, the country’s Food Surplus has reached 3.6 million metric tons. 

Kenyan traders have been traveling to rural Tanzania purchasing grain and other agricultural produce especially onions from Karatu District of Arusha.

With the Mombasa Grain Center, Tanzania will be supplying agricultural products directly into Kenya.

Food processing entity, the Bakhresa Group Limited of Tanzania, had at one time expressed interest to build a maize mill facility in Mombasa but somehow the project never materialized.