Tanzania plans more Vocational and Technical Colleges as annual Enrolment Hits 150,000

As the new enrolment window for the National Technical and Vocational Education opens in 2023, it is being explained here that Tanzania usually takes on board an average of 150,000 technical and vocational students every year.

The Director of Certification for National Technical and Vocational Education Dr Jofrey Oleke explained in Arusha that for the last two years, NACTVET has been registering between 120,000 and 150,000 students in Tanzania.

This goes to show that the demand is high as more and more young people in the country keep opting for technical studies.

The enrolment of new students joining National Technical and Vocational Education institutions this year starts countrywide on May 21, 2023.

The ongoing exercise to enlist the youth for vocational training, according to Dr Oleke will remain open to the last day of June, 30, 2023.

Qualified applicants have been advised to send their submissions directly to their colleges of choice, with the exception of those taking special studies.

“But for the Students who intend to undertake Health and Allied Sciences studies on the mainland should apply for the programs online through the Central Admission System (CAS) portal,” the Director of Certification maintained during a press conference in Arusha.

Now the CAS registration portal is available on the National Technical and Vocational Education website www.nacte.go.tz.

And on the same website, according to the Director of Certification Parents, Students and Guardians can also access the Admission Guidebook for 2023/2024 Academic Year.

“The Admission Guidebook provides names of all accredited technical and vocational training colleges and their related programs,” said Dr Oleke.

He however cautioning parents and applicants not to divulge information about their applications to anybody, lest such details fall into wrong hands.

Earlier on the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training Dr Adolf Rutayuga said NACTVET was planning to establish a total of 64 new institutions of vocational and technical training to cater for every district across the country.

Onesmo Laizer is of the Parents who was attending the National Technical and Vocational Education and Training Exhibition 2023, in Arusha said they were happy with the new development in students’ enrolment because in the past some racketeers used to extort money from gullible people on pretence of assisting their children to get places at the colleges.