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Tanzania now produces 90 million Liters of medical Intravenous Infusion, plans exports to SADC Region

Tanzania is producing nearly 100 million liters of Intravenous Infusion which the country intends to start exporting to other countries, especially those within the Southern Africa Development Community.

The head of SADC Parliamentary Delegation from Tanzania, Selemani Jumanne Zedi, stated in Arusha that the country, through its two mega industries, is now generating over 90 million liters of Intravenous (IV) infusion.

However, compared to the country’s demand of only 30 million liters of IV, Tanzania is left with a surplus of 68 million liters of the therapeutic potion which the country is ready to export to other African countries.

Legislator Selemani Zedi was presenting the Tanzania’s Report to the 53rd Plenary Assembly Session of the SADC Parliamentary Forum taking place in Arusha.

The Presentation from the National Assembly was among the series of SADC Member Countries’ reports on the implementation of the resolutions adopted during the previous 52nd Plenary Assembly of the regional Parliamentary forum.

During the previous Plenary Assembly of the regional Parliamentary Forum held in December 2022, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a number of resolutions were approved that required Member States to adopt a set of diverse measures to strengthen the regional integration objectives of SADC countries.

“In the medical sector, Tanzania is implementing different programs to strengthen the health and social welfare systems to respond to the various needs including those of pregnant women (maternal health), girls and youth,” Zedi stated.

When it comes to building competitive and resilient pharmaceutical value chains, Tanzania is investing in the discovery, development, production, and marketing of medicinal drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients including the Intravenous Infusions.

With excess consignment of Intravenous Infusion liquid, Tanzania is now inviting fellow Southern Africa Development Community Members to start purchasing the IV liquids for their medical use, now that the substance is readily available just next door.

“We therefore invite the SADC member states to purchase IV Infusion from Tanzania,” Zedi implored.

On the other hand, Tanzania is also in the process of constructing a total of seventeen (17) other pharmaceutical industries to serve the entire SADC region’s medical needs.

According to the report, Tanzania has empowered the Medical Supply Department (MSD) which is a purchasing entity of pharmaceuticals for SADC countries, to procure pharmaceuticals.

“However so far, it is only a few SADC member states that have shown interest to trade as agreed,” the report concludes.

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