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Tanzania, Indonesia, named ‘Most Beautiful’ Countries by UK survey

As Tanzania works to intruduce a new type of nature based tourism through Geoparks, the country has just been listed among the ten naturally beautiful countries in the world, based on its topography.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Dar-es-salaam, posted that, Tanzania was ranked fourth in the top-ten naturally endowed countries as far as the Timeout magazine surveys are concerned.

Timeout Magazine is the Travel Compendium operating from the United Kingdom.

Indonesia topped the bill at Number One, followed by New Zealand, in the second slot, then Colombia in the third position and of course Tanzania coming fourth.

Mexico was in the fifth position, then Kenya came sixth, India seventh, France eighth, Papua New Guinea was ninth and Comoro closed in at number ten.

According to the Timeout Magazine, the listing was based on the number of Volcanoes, Mountain Ranges, Coral Reefs and other naturally occuring beautiful landscapes in each of the chosen countries.

Tanzania has one active Volcano at Oldoinyo L’engai Mountain (The fourth highest in the country), located at Enkaresero section of Ngorongoro District, near Lake Natron.

The country is also home to Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, a domant volcano at Mount Meru, a wildlife filled Crater in Ngorongoro, rock dotten endless plains of Serengeti where the world’s only remaining large mammals migration occur yearly and a long stretch of the Indian Ocean Coastline.

Tanzania is the only country in Africa, South of the Sahara to establish geologically based form of tourism (Geopark).

Kenya, its immeadiate neighbor, also shares the Indian Ocean Coastline, the Serengeti Eco-system and has Mount Kenya one of the highest on the continent, plus a number of outstanding geological features.

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