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Tanzania, Ghana, Mauritius, Most Peaceful Countries to Visit in 2022, according to GPI

So which is the safest country to visit in Africa in 2022? Especially for foreign tourists and other leisure travelers moving across the continent this year?

The Global Peace Index has released the list of Top Ten Safest Countries to visit in Africa.

The Peaceful countries’ listing, according to Global Peace Index (GPI) slightly conflicts with other travel advisory sources, in their reviews of African countries being regarded to be great for tourists to visit in the course of this year 2022.

Rwanda and Tanzania are the two and only East African countries to make the into the new list, with Kigali topping the bill at Number One in the travel advisory while Tanzania manages to squeeze into the 5th slot in GPI ranking.

While Rwanda is listed at Number One in Africa, in the travel advisory measurements, the country is also at a respectable Position 6 globally as far as Travel Advisory is concerned.

However, there is a bit of confusion, while Travel Advisory puts Rwanda at Number 6 in the world, the Global Peace Index degrades the country down to Number 83.

Which means Tanzania, which according to GPI ranks at Number 58 globally and 5th continentally, is placed higher in Africa and globally than Rwanda.

But on the GPI list, it is Mauritius which tops the bill at Number One in Africa and 28th globally.

Mauritius Ranks at Number One in Global Peace Index for Travel in 2022

On the Second position in Africa comes Ghana which is slotted 38th Globally, based on the GPI, with Botswana following in the third position for Africa and 41st Globally.

Gambia therefore ranks 4th in Africa among the most peaceful countries on the continent and takes the 53rd position Globally, based on GPI.

The Global Peace Index places Tanzania as the 5th Most peaceful country in Africa for tourism in 2022 and the country ranks on the 58th position Globally. It is the only East African Country ranking high on GPI Travel listing so far.

According to the GPI, Tanzania should be the most Peaceful in East Africa

At Number 6 is Malawi, located South of the Border. The country ranks 59th Globally, as far as the GPI 2022 is concerned.

Namibia comes at number 7 in Africa in the Global Peace Index, which ranks the country at Number 65 Globally.

Eswatini has been named the 8th most peaceful country for travel in Africa in 2022 and takes 69th position Globally.

With or without the Penguins, Madagascar comes 9th in Africa as far as GPI is concerned and as far as tourism in concerned the country ranks 70th globally.

Closing the GPI list at Number 10 in Africa is Zambia, which ranks 71st globally in the year 2022.

🌐Source: Global Peace Index

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