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Tanzania Elections 2025: President Samia Jettisons Jonahs From Her Ship

“Some people may simply have to be forgiven! As they could be suffering from Elections 2025 Fever.”

President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

A rather strong statement from the Head of the State, as she was addressing members of her cabinet as well as other government officials, when receiving countrywide development projects reports in Dar-es-salaam on the fourth day of the year.

‘Don’t test me!’ Samia Suluhu warns

The Tanzanian General Elections will be coming up in four years’ time.

That is Between October and November 2025 to be exact.

However it seems there are some people, including state figures who, according to President Samia, have started planting underground political seeds anticipating them to germinate in time for the anticipated polls.

Yes, according to the Head of State, there are people grouping up against her government and they could be warming up for positions in the 2025 polls coming up in 48 months’ time.

And seeing that, President Samia says she will let them off her ship so that they may go and continue with their political ambitions in peace.

The first female Head of State took over the country’s leadership in March 2021, following the untimely death of her predecessor, John Pombe Magufuli.

“Soon after shouldering the responsibility, I started hearing whispers of ‘transition government,’ amongst you. But upon going through the constitution, I couldn’t trace anywhere that ‘an alteration’ government was mentioned,” said the President.

For the first time the soft spoken Mama Samia Suluhu Hassan mentioned in public that she was aware of some people, including government officials who were out to sabotage whatever she was doing for the sake of the forthcoming polls of year 2025.

“Soon I may have to select those that are ready to work with me and let off the ones who habour political ambitions and dreams so that they may go and prepare,” stated the President, which means a cabinet reshuffle could be in offing.

President Samia admitted to have been taken by surprise when some of the people who were in charge of strong pillars in the government started criticing recent her efforts.

A day earlier, the National Assembly Speaker, Job Ndugai called a Press Conference in which he apologized for his reported statements accusing the government for widening the national debt through securing more loans.

Ndugai went to an extent of claiming that he could have been ‘misquoted’ or maybe quoted ‘out of context’ thus he asked President Samia for forgiveness.

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