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Tanzania Puts Up 35 Wildlife Hunting Blocks For Auction

Through the Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority, the country plans to electronically auction more than 35 hunting blocks, with the first batch being put up for bidders on the 9th of March 2022.

A statement from TAWA is to the effect that qualified applicants that are invited for the allocation of Tourist Hunting Blocks through electronic auctioning (e-auctioning), must meet the usual requirements.

Currently, there are 36 hunting Blocks within Game Reserves (GRs), Game Controlled Areas (GCAs) and Open Areas (OAs) that according to the authority, should be immediately available for the planned e-auctioning.

The 36 hunting blocks soon to fall under a hammer, have been bundled into two groups.

The first, ‘Group A’ comprises of 24 blocks which their tenure will commence immediately after the auctioning exercise in next March 2022

The second, or ‘Group B’ consists of the remaining 12 hunting blocks whose tenure is set to commence in the New Year day of 1st January 2023.

Eligible trackers’ entities can be allocated up to five (5) hunting blocks each, which shall be of different categories. Auctioning will commence on 9th March 2022, and will last for seven consecutive days.

According to the Wildlife Conservation Cap. 283, no person shall be considered for allocation of a hunting block unless they have a company registered with the Registrar of Companies within Tanzania with sole hunting purposes.

The bidders are also required to have at least one of the Directors with five (5) year experience in Wildlife based business and Conservation in Tanzania.

The company is also expected to meet requirements of Section 39(3)(a) of the Wildlife Conservation Act.

Tenure of hunting blocks’ ownership is valid for 10 years as far as Category I and II hunting blocks are concerned.

But for Category III hunting blocks, the ownership period extends to 15 years.

However, the Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism shall on the fifth year of the tenure of ownership of a hunting block, determine the continuity of the tenure.

Continuity may depend on the annual performance assessment and the evaluation of the hunting block utilization; and the full performance of the company allocated a hunting block to be carried out in the fourth year of the tenure, which shall take into account the annual assessment and the evaluation criteria prescribed in the regulation.

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