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Six confirmed dead as bus hits Tanzania-Zambia train

Official reports from Zambia confirm the deaths of six people from the accident involving a Tanzania-Zambia Railways Train and a public service bus.

Nearly 60 other passengers from both the bus and the train were seriously injured in the mishaps.

Injured victims were admitted at the Michael Chilufya Sata Hospital in Mpika.

Police in Mpika as well as TAZARA management confirmed the rail and traffic collision involving the Tanzania-Zambia Railways train and a Likili public service bus at Kabuka Railway crossing point in Mpika District.

The Zambian Police Deputy Spokesperson Danny Mwale revealed in a statement that investigations into the accident indicated that the speeding bus crashed into the passenger train with serial number M22.

Both the bus and the train’s engine overturned, with the deafening impact causing several of the locomotive passenger wagons to be derailed and part of the tracks damaged.

That was the second accident involving a TAZARA train occurring within a week.

Previously a cargo train was involved in an accident which destroyed tracks and blocked the route at Nkolonga section of Mkushi River, some 1734 kilometers from Dar-es-salaam.

That is according to an official statement from TAZARA Headquarters in the Tanzanian Commercial City.

The goods train which was reportedly carrying over 30 loaded Containers was involved in an accident in which three of its wagons screeched off the tracks and damaged the latter.

As a result, the passengers who were traveling on the Mukuba (M1) train from Dar-es-Salaam to Kapiri Mposhi were delayed for hours at the Mlimba station as efforts to repair the rail were going on.

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