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MV Clarius ship capsizes, partially sinks in Lake Victoria

A ship has capsized in Lake Victoria but so far there are no reports of any casualties.

The Moving Vessel (MV) Clarius capsized and partly sank while arriving at the Northern Mwanza Port of Lake Victoria.

The Clarius accident occurs around the same time that MV Bukoba sank on the lake, 18 years ago.

Believed to be the oldest ship that was still serving on the lake, MV Clarius was owned and operated by the Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL), which is a duly incorporated Tanzanian company based in Mwanza.

With over 60 years in operation, the MV Clarius ship used to sail between the Northern Mwanza Port on Lake Victoria and Ngoziba Island in Kagera Region.

However reports that reached the Tanzania Times explain that when the ship went under water on Saturday Night or early hours of Sunday, May 19, 2024 it was anchored at the Northern Port in Mwanza.

The vessel was recently recalled to harbor for repairs after serving long journeys commuting to and between North Mwanza quay and the Ngoziba Island.

It is still not known if there were any people aboard the vessel when it capsized at the port during the night.

It was simply discovered in the morning lying sideways partly submerged.

Whether it had already undergone repairs by the time it sank, nobody knows but reliable reports say some 900 Million/- were to be invested in the project.

Formerly serving the Ukerewe Island route, the MV Clarius is a ship which had the capacity to carry 216 passengers and 10 tons of cargo in its official manifest.

The doomed MV Clarius was one of the 18 vessels that the Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) operates in three different lakes.

MSCL has a fleet of 18 vessels for both passengers and cargo transportation, with nine (9) of these vessels sailing on Lake Victoria, Five (5) operating at Lake Nyasa in Mbeya and three (3) in Lake Tanganyika of Kigoma.

The fleet is made up of 9 passenger-cargo vessels, 2 Oil Tankers, 3 Cargo vessels, 1 Tug, 2 self-propelled barges and one tourist sight-seeing boat.

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