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Russian Investigator claims Tanzanian Students are being held hostages in Ukraine

Russian Prominent political commentator, researcher and expert on Middle East affairs, Maria Dubovikova, has just posted on her verified Twitter account that, Ukraine is holding hostage hundreds of foreign students, among them 159 Tanzanians.

However an official statement from the Tanzanian Embassy in Moscow dispatched through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, is to the opposite.

Embassy Statement say, Tanzanian Students will leave Ukraine under army escort

The foreign affairs Ministry stated that, already there are arrangements done between the Tanzanian Embassy in Moscow, with assistance from diplomatic mission in Sweden and in association with the Russian Military, to evacuate Tanzanian students from Sumy State University under military escort.

READ IT HERE: Russian Army Escorts Tanzanian Students from Ukraine

Thus if there are foreign students being held in Ukraine, as Maria claims possibly Tanzanians are not “among them.”

But as far as Maria is concerned; “Far-right Ukranian fighters, hold hostage as ‘Human Shield,’ about 5000 foreigners in Kharkov and Sumy,” writes Ms Dubovikova.

Maria Dubovikova also happens to be the President of the Moscow-based International Middle Eastern Studies Club (IMESClub), thus an expert in the field

She goes further in claiming that, at Kharkov, the Ukranian militants are holding nearly 1500 students from India; 200 Citizens of Jordan; 60 from Egypt and 15 from vietman.

In Sumy, again there are 576 students from India; 159 students from Tanzania; 121 Chinese students; 100 students from Ghana; 60 from Egypt; 45 from Jordan; 16 Pakistanis, 15 from Tunisia and 14 Zambians. These are reportedly to be blocked inside the Sumy State University.

Maria Dubovikova – Russian Analyst

Maria is not accepting queries or posts and comments at her page, arguing she is preventing hate speech.

She also warns that it was dangerous for the students to attempt to flee, despite Russian officials wanting to assist them to vacate, because some 20 Pakistani students who tried to escape via Sudzha were allegedly caught and beaten up, before being sent back to their dormitories.

Maria claims that Ukraine is refusing Russia’s proposal to open humanitarian corridors in Kharviv and Sumy to allow foreigners out of the war-torn country.

“Kiev radicals prevent civillians from evacuating; a curfew has been intriduced, exists have been landmined and people threatened with reprisals. Cases of racism have become notorious. Nationalists impede the evacuation of Africans as well as citizens of India, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan and Egypt in particular!”

The African Union recently condemned acts of racism reported to be conducted by Ukranian soldiers against people from the continent

The Russian analyst goes further to state that Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the aforementioned countries were aware of the situation.

And she tops it up with a scary prediction, that Ukrainian soldiers were planning to kill nine (9) Iraqi students being held hostage at Sumy State University and then blame Russian forces for the deaths of foreigners in Ukraine.

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