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Russia Tops Tourists Traffic to Tanzania in Covid-19 Era

The Czar is here. It seems Tanzania is receiving More tourists from Russia than anywehere else, during this Covid-19 era.

Between January and June 2021 for instance, nearly 75,000 visitors from Moscow toured Tanzania, according to Data from National Bureau of Statistics.

‘Party like a Russian?’ Well, that is a Robbie Williams Song.

Kenya ranks second in sending large number of tourists to Tanzania. Nearly 35,000 visitors from Nairobi visited the country in the first half of the year.

Border entries between Kenya and Tanzania

The little mentioned Burundi, surprisingly was listed at Number Three as among the top sources of tourists to Tanzania during pandemic times. Bujumbura brought 26,200 visitors in that period.

From South of the Border, Malawi managed to send an average of 18,500 tourists to Tanzania.

Also the hardly mentioned is Poland, ranked high as far as producing more visitors this year. Poland brought 16,351 tourists to Tanzania in the first half of the year.

Then at Number Six comes the United States. America is where 16,200 tourists came from this year. In other times the US would rank higher.

Rwanda also managed to bring 14,017 tourists to Tanzania between January and June this year.

Tanzania also received 11,917 visitors from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

At least, 10,572 tourists who visited Tanzania in 2021 hailed from Zambia.

Closing in at number ten comes France which sent to Tanzania, 10,332 tourists.

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