How President Samia Suluhu sails On Speedboat from Zanzibar to Dar-es-Salaam

The President, The Boat, The Passengers

President Samia Suluhu Hassan becomes the first Head of State to ride a fast boat from Zanzibar Islands to Dar-es-salaam Port.

And it was not a commissioned Schooner.

Spirit of the Union?

The Head of State travelled aboard the Kilimanjaro IV, from the archipelago to the mainland.

Samia Suluhu’s boat ride from Unguja, comes a few months after the President took on the wheel of a monster tour truck, driving the Landcruiser in the wilderness of Serengeti National Park.

You can read about the President’s bush truck driving here

She then sailed on the Kilimanjaro IV on the Indian Ocean.

The vessel is a passenger commuter which sails among the ships operating under Azam Marine.

Aboard the speedboat President Samia was seen mingling with other passengers amid heavy security.

Usually the journey from Zanzibar to Dar-es-salaam on any of the speed boats takes about 90 minutes, that is an hour and a half.

Normally, Heads of State fly between the two destinations in less than 15 minutes.

Kilimanjaro IV is an RDM057 marine vessel with an overall length of 45 meters.

The speebiat features seating on three decks, with an intake of 650 passengers.

Kilimanjaro, just as its Roman-Numbered Moniker indicates, is the fourth in a line built by RDM and commissioned by Bakhresa Group of Company to Azam Marine’s Coastal Fast Ferries operation.

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