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President Samia invites South African investors to Build Quality Hotels in Tanzania


For South Africans who want to invest in Tanzania Mama Samia is throwing open the door in the country’s Tourism and Manufacturing sectors.

Exactly two years after becoming President, Tanzania’s Head of State Samia Suluhu Hassan, makes her first ever visit to South Africa, becoming a pivotal force between Dar-es-salaam and Johannesburg’s new cooperation on trade and investments.

But especially infrastructure in tourism.

“We managed to promote the country through a feature film called the ‘Royal Tour,’ and the initiative is paying dividends, we are now receiving many tourists,” she told members of business communities in South Africa.

Royal Suit

“Tanzania needs better infrastructure for its hospitality industry especially high-end hotels,” President Samia pointed out.

She used the occasion to roll out a red carpet for South African investors wanting to venture into Tanzania, insisting that South Africa is among the main sources of direct foreign investment in Tanzania.

This time, Mama Samia wants South Africans to pursue investments in the tourism and hospitality sectors because Tanzania’s travel industry is on rebound, with an extremely promising future.

The Tanzanian Leader met the South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa in Pretoria, where her delegation of Cabinet ministers also took time to deliberate on trade opportunities and possible agreements with their South African counterparts.

“We have agreed to enhance our cooperation in the areas of trade and investment with tourism and manufacturing being so far the leading sectors for investment in Tanzania,” she said.

On his part, President Ramaphosa pointed out that while trade volumes between Tanzania and South Africa are increasing, the current pace is not satisfactory, thus needing improvement.

The total value of Tanzania’s exports to South Africa stands at USD 916 Million as of 2021, a slight drop from the USD 1.16 Billion recorded in 2020.

According to the Central Bank of Tanzania (BOT), Tanzania’s imports from South Africa in 2021 were worth USD 432.3 Million.

This means Tanzania exports more goods of value than what the country imports from Johannesburg.

Tanzania’s main exports to South Africa are Gold, despite the fact that Johannesburg is among the world’s top Gold Producers.

As for tourism, South Africans seem to mostly prefer the Zanzibar Islands where they normally fly to relax on the Isles’ beaches.

In 2014 Tanzania and South Africa tried to hatch a joint Paleontology Tourism with Olduvai Gorge and Laetoli Hominid sites of Ngorongoro being the main focus, but for some reason this failed to take off.

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