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Njombe Witch Doctor Murders Couple in Forest, over Failed Magic

A Husband and wife in Njombe went to seek for voodoo interventions in order to become become wealthy. Except the mission went horribly wrong.

The couple ended up dead.

Apparently, at least ccording to the Njombe police statements, the two were killed in cold blood by the same forest magician who was to perform the alleged ‘get rich quick,’ miracle.

Kassim Kitamkanga, aged 35 and a lady identified as Suzanna Mtitu (38), were found dead in the forest adjacent to Sovi village of Mtwango Ward in Njombe District and Region.

As far as authorities are concerned, the couple could have been victims of some forest voodoo magic which went horribly wrong.

In connection with the incident, the Police in Njombe Region are therefore holding under custody a 41-year-old man, identified as Joseph Mgunda, alleged to be a witch doctor capable of creating wealth through magic.

Gruesome murders have been taking place in Njombe

The Njombe Regional Police Commander, Khamis Issah said the couple were clients of the witch doctor, Mgunda who was supposed to transform them from poverty to riches through some forest-based magic.

“They have been undergoing ‘treatments’ from the magician, who would provide them with various herbs and voodoo artefacts to help them mint money miraculously, but unfortunately none worked, so, when the two accosted the witch doctor, demanding to be refunded they money back, he took the couple back into the magic forest and killed them…

…The suspect did not perform the murder alone, but had three other accomplices.”

Khamis Issah – Njombe Regional Police Commander

Police Commander Issah added that the trio who allegedly took part in killing the couple, have also been arrested and the authorities have identified them as, Gadi Mwanzalila, Andrew Vahuruka and Kelvin Kilinge.

In yet another incident which also occured in Njombe Region, a man has been arrested for allegedly hacking his step son to death and dumping the child into a gulley.

Ambwene Sanga (aged 34) is said to have killed Mesia Kaduma, a five-year-old boy, Mesiah Kaduma.

The Child was a kindergarten pupil at Imalilo Nursery School who was reported missiong before his badly mutilated body was discovered in the trench.

After investigations the police arrested his step father, Sanga, who together with his mate, Marko Mbilinyi are both suspected to have killed the child in cold blood.

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