Newsroom death on Boxing Day

Nairobi, Kenya

The Christmas shift at the Royal Media Services headquarters turned out to be one big disaster and one person died and several others hospitalized from what is believed to be a food poisoning case.

The Giant Media Group runs 16 media outlets.

Royal Media is behind household names such as the Citizen TV, Radio Citizen, Inooro TV and Radio, Ramogi FM and Bahari FM among many others, has confirmed the incident.

According to the statement from Royal Media Services (RMS) the disaster, which occurred on Boxing Day, was the result of a serious case of food poisoning.

The statement adds that the affected victims were members of RMS staff working over the Christmas shift.

“In keeping with holiday period working arrangements, the RMS engaged a private food catering company to provide meals for staff working during the Christmas shift,” says the statement.

However on December 26, 2022 which was a day after Christmas some of the Royal Media staff complained of severe stomach pains.

And that was after they consumed meals that were served within the company premises in Nairobi.

“We are deeply shocked and saddened to inform the public that one staff member has unfortunately succumbed to the illness attributed to the suspected food poisoning. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of our deceased staff member during this difficult time.”

Royal Media Service

Several other employees of Royal Media Services were rushed to hospital after the incident and have been admitted there due to what is being suspected to be a serious case of food poisoning.

The Management of Royal Media Service (RMS) says it is providing all the necessary support to the affected staff.

Meanwhile the suspected food poisoning incident at RMS is currently under investigation.

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