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Maiden Zanzibar International Sports Festival Comes up in the Isles around February 2024

A special sporting events bonanza to be staged for several days in the Isles is currently in the works.

The maiden Zanzibar International Sports Festival is expected to be held on the Indian Ocean archipelago sometime in February 2024, almost around the same time when the Isles also get to host its annual ‘Sauti za Busara,’ Swahili music extravaganza.

It is not known which will come first but the Zanzibar International Sports Festival has been announced in Arusha, the Northern Tanzania City where again more than 100 cyclists are participating in the Fifth instalment of the Tanzania Heritage Tour.

As it happens, the organizers of the Tanzania Heritage Tour’s cycling competition are among the coordinators of the 2024 Zanzibar International Sports Festival.

The City annual bicycle racing event this time seems to be targeting sports tourism promotion in the Northern Zone, through active events.

Racing from Sunday, the first day of October 2023, the Tanzania Heritage Tour is also setting stage for the maiden Zanzibar International Sports Festival.

The Isles has been offering a cycling form of tourism which takes visitors from the Old Unguja Stone Town to the Zanzibar cloves farms.

Joel Senny, conjunction with the Arusha Cycling Association (ACA) for over five years now, revealed that his team was working with other stakeholders in the Isles in the preparation for the 2024 Zanzibar International Sports Festival.

The Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau in Arusha is also participating in the cycling event through which the PCCB plans disseminating knowledge and education about issues of campaigns against graft.

“We at PCCB will also contribute some money in the form of prizes to be issued to the winners,” stated Florence Mwita, the head of public education desk at the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau in Arusha.

The Heritage Tour Participants on the other hand, are graded depending on the type of bicycles they ride.

The first type is the Road Bike or Racing bikes machines whose riders in the male category will be covering a total of 150 kilometers.

Women participants using the Road Race bikes get to ride for 100 kilometers and is the same distance covered by older participants aged 47 years and above.

 Other cyclists will ride the usual Mountain Bikes or Crossroad bikes.

The racing starts at the Sanawari Traffic Lights Robots from where the cyclists are expected to ride to Raskazone Sakina, make an about turn and speed back towards Tengeru through the expressway.

At the Tengeru Township four-way junction, the cyclists will make another turn, heading back to the city and repeat the taxiway run several times until they cover the set distances.

In order to accomplish the 150 kilometers, cyclists will be forced to make six circular trips, while those racing the 100 kilometers ride four times in total.

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