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Power shedding plunges Tanzania into Total Darkness

With more than 16 hours of power rationing in the country, Tanzania has been plunged into total darkness during the night and non-productive days as industries ground into a halt.

The state-run, Tanzania Electricity Supply Company Limited, which enjoys monopoly in production and selling of such services is vehemently denying power shading in the country.

Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO), however, has been releasing a series of timetables indicating the only hours that power should be available in different locations across the nation.

The company management has been claiming that there is an acute power shortage in the country.

All the same, the former Executive Director of the state power supply company, Maharage Chande has just been shifted to head the Tanzania Telecommunication Corporation, another ailing state-run firm.

Engineer Gissimo Nyamo-Hanga now replaces Chande as the head of TANESCO.

Hanga has been moved to take charge there having been transferred from the Rural Energy Agency (REA) an outfit he was heading before the changes.

Also, the former Chairperson of the TANESCO Board of Directors, Omar Issa has also been relieved of his duties during the minor changes affecting the heads of institutions in Tanzania.

The new Chair for the TANESCO Board of Directors is now General Paul Kisesa Simuli, according to the official dispatch from the State House in Dodoma.

It is now left to be known if the changes in the power company’s management will bring any relief to the clearly dire situation blanketing electricity availability in the country.

About three weeks ago, there were changes in the Energy Ministry, when the former Minister of Energy, January Makamba was removed from the docket and shifted to head the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

On the other hand, the former Minister of Minerals, Dotto Biteko was given the Energy Ministry as well as being granted the ‘Deputy Prime Minister,’ position.

Power shortages and outages have always been a malignant problem in Tanzania since 1992 and it seems nobody has been able to bring any solution throughout the 32 years of such serious concerns.

Meanwhile the Government Spokesperson, Gerson Msigwa has also lost his position and he is now serving as the permanent secretary in the sports, youth and culture ministry.