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DP World Saga? Uproar as Popular Pub in Mwanza gets closed down by city authorities

So! Who did it. The Council?

There are mixed reactions as officials in Mwanza close down a pun and entertainment joint in the Ilemela Municipality of the Lake Zone Region.

The popular Cask Bar and Grill belonging to one Joel Makanyaga has been served with a notice from the Ilemela District Director, Kiomoni Kibamba which states that the joint was being operated without legal licences.

Earlier on, a video was going viral on social media in which the some of the Bar Patrons were seen dancing to the music while carrying neon signs displaying sliding words that read; “Save Our Ports.”

One of the customers in the lively night atmosphere was seen adorning a red shirt printed with the same words “255 save our Ports!” in blue.

Previously some online outlets were claiming that the Cask Bar and Grill of Mwanza was closed by the revenue official for allegedly failing to settle the government dues.

However an official disclaimer from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) dated on August 17, 2023 and released to the public, refuted the allegations.

The released notice indicated clearly that the TRA has nothing to do with the Cask Bar closure.

Eventually an official letter from Ilemela Municipal Authorities located along the Buswelu Road, with reference Number 45/200/01/33 which was dated on August 16, 2023, went public.

The letter had apparently dispatched with an order of closing the Cask Bar and Grill for two consecutive years, because its management was running it contrary to regulations.

The dispatch from the Municipal Director claimed that Cask Bar and Grill was running without liquor licence, business licence or even the permit to engage in food and drinks businesses.

While the reasons for the closure order were described on the Municipal Council’s letter, all the social media platforms have been going ablaze with angry Tanzanians claiming the entertainment joint was yet another victim of DP World’s port deal protests saga.

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