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Atomic Energy Commission accomplishes Projects worth nearly 30 billion/-

The Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission has accomplished various projects valued at around 29 Billion/- as of February 2023.

Head of Communication department at the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission Peter Ngamilo, reveals that the success has been made possible through the role played by the TAEC Director General Prof. Lazaro Busagala who took over the running of the scientific facility in March 2018.

TAEC executes projects in Arusha, Mbeya, Mwanza, Dodoma and Dar es Salaam regions on the mainland as well as in the Zanzibar Isles.

TAEC has been working in close cooperation with among other entities, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the European Union (EU), in conducting research as well as implementing a number of programs covering agriculture, health, water, and livestock sectors.

Projects include the construction of 10 billion/- Radiochemistry Analysis Laboratories in Arusha.

The Arusha facility built with EU support is a state-of-the-art laboratory for Eastern and Central Africa installed with ‘High-Purity Germanium Detectors’ for testing contamination from food samples and from the environmental.

It makes Arusha to be the only place this equipment can be accessed in this region because such facilities so far exist in only Ghana and South-Africa

There is also the ongoing erection of 7.9 billion/- Multipurpose Irradiator lab in Dar es Salaam, whose construction has so far reached 34 percent, according to Ngamilo.

The TAEC Head of Communications maintained that there were other ambitious projects being undertaken by the commission.

“There is the newly completed TAEC Headquarters building and adjacent Laboratory in the Dodoma Capital City at the cost of 3.8 Billion/-,” he said. Previously the commission was pivoted in the Northern City of Arusha.

TAEC is also setting up the Lake Zone offices and laboratory in Mwanza City at the cost of 2.8 billion/-, the facilities are nearly complete. The structures are standing at 90 Percent as of now.

As for the Commission’s presence in the Isles, TAEC is building new offices and a laboratory in Zanzibar, to the tune of 3 billion/-, renovates six buildings to serve as Staff Housing Units and the completion of special wings for radiation and administration at 360 million/-

All work without play can make the TAEC team dull that is why the Commission seems to be investing heavily in recreation facilities as well.

Construction projects for the proposed sporting venues include Basketball Courts, Football Pitches, Netball Fields and players dressing rooms all being implemented in Arusha at the cost of 140.9m/-.

The Tanzania Atomic Commission Building, Laboratory and surrounding grounds are now being fenced at the cost of 183.5 million/-

TAEC has also managed to collect 10.9 billion/- in revenues, in the recent fiscal year, an amount which is an increase of more than 260 percent from the 2.8 billion/- raised previously.

“We have also adopted the use of the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG) system in collecting revenues and installing a number of Points of Sales at border offices.

TAEC has also upped its budgets for the commission’s core mandate, which is conducting research and studies.

According to Ngamilo, Research budgets have increased from Zero to 450 million/- per annum.

Funds allocated to equipping the facilities with modern high-tech scientific and laboratory facilities amount to 475 million/-

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