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Market Truck Accident Claims Three Lives in Tanga

The number of people suspected to have been killed in the accident involving a cargo truck in Tanga currently stands at three.

Some 36 other people are being treated at the Handeni District Designated Hospital having been injured from the crash which occurred at Kwamagome area in Handeni District of Tanga Region, Sunday afternoon.

The In-charge at the Hospital, Dr Hudi Shehdad confirms to have received 36 injured passengers from the scene of the accident.

It also seems that even out of the 36 injured persons could be in serious conditions.

Their truck overturned and flattening onto the ground a number of people who were riding on its back, with assorted consignments of goods.

The Mitsubishi Fuso truck carrying unknown number of people with goods, was traveling from Handeni heading to Kilindi District, eye witnesses say the lorry was overloaded.

Old Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are know for their regular brake failures and steering problems if not well taken care of as far as periodical maintenance is concerned.

One of the survivors from the accident, Rajab Juma recalls that their vehicle lost direction, plunged onto the roadside and overturned.

“We were traveling to Negero Village in Kilindi District to attend the communal open-air local auction market (Mnada),” explains Juma, who sustained a few injuries.

According to the survivor, it was when the vehicle reached a corner when its driver failed to control the truck and went plunging into the gulley.

The reason behind deaths and the many injuries could be due to the fact that people were riding on top of the cargo at the back of the ill fated Mitsubishi Fuso truck.

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