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Five Dead as Strange Disease erupts in Kagera Region

A strange disease being reported to be spreading in parts of the Bukoba District in Kagera region has claimed the lives of five out of the seven infected victims.

In an official statement from Dodoma, Tanzania’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Tumaini Naguambao confirms the reports.

The CMO reveals that while five victims have already been killed by the disease, two other people in the Lake Zone have been admitted in hospital where they are currently undergoing series of treatments to save their lives.

But, according to Professor Naguambao, health experts who have been dispatched to the area are yet to identify the alien infectious disease, though epidemiological studies towards the same, have commenced.

Affected victims suffer high fever, excessive vomiting, haemorrhaging which again leads to blood loss and malfunctioning kidneys.

So far, the alien disease seems to be mostly wreaking havoc around Kagera Region and especially within Rural Kagera Districts but specifically in Maruku and Kanyangereko wards.

Reports from the Lake Zone are to the effect that the two villages of Bulinda and Butayaibega, seem to be more susceptible.

The Chief Medical Officer admits that the new disease is infectious and therefore people need to take more precautions.

Samples from tissues of the dead victims have been taken and sent for analysis so as to determine what kind of malady the new wave of outbreak may be carrying.

The government is also closely following up on the people who show signs of having been infected as well as those already admitted in hospitals.

Rapid Response teams at Regional and District Levels have already been dispatched to the affected villages for thorough investigations and application of stringent protective measures.

Chief Medical Officer assures that adequate medication and treatment facilities are available, to contain the situation should the pandemic increase.

All the same, authorities in Kagera Region have released a toll free emergency phone number 199 which anybody can use to call for help or report new cases and victims.

For added precautions, people have been requested to shun from getting close, hand shaking or touching each other and especially strangers.

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