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Great Serengeti Migration viewing points to get high-speed broadband Internet

High Speed Broadband Internet will soon be available at all the spectacular sites where the Great Migration of Serengeti can be clearly viewed in the wildlife-filled endless plains.

After the installation of wireless broadband internet on Mount Kilimanjaro, the Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation (TTCL) now wants to extend the same high-speed data service in the vast Serengeti National Park, famous for its annual migration of assorted ungulates.

At least 1.5 million wild mammals, including Zebras and Wildebeests form the annual Great Migration in the Serengeti plains in a single caravan of stomping beasts.

It will now be possible to capture those spellbinding images on camera and make them go viral live from the scene, courtesy of high-speed internet soon to be made available in the wilderness of the endless plains.

Speaking in Arusha, the Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation’s Business Director, Mwita Vedastus, said the State-run communications entity has lined up a series of projects that the entity plans to accomplish as part of ongoing reforms among public enterprises.

“We have chosen the path which entails the development of the country’s digital economy through wide and reliable accessibility of data services,”

Mwita Vedastus – TTCL Business Director

Ensuring all important public areas and potential economic sites are fully covered with fast and reliable internet services happens to be part of their up-coming endeavors.

Mwita feels the broadband internet on Mount Kilimanjaro is helping to boost the country’s tourism.

Apparently, the Wildebeests Migration crisscrossing between Serengeti plains of Tanzania and Maasai-Mara in Kenya which is essentially the world’s largest real life natural theatre is lining up for the same treatment.

“The TTCL’s support to the country’s digital economy and inclusion is being achieved through ensuring that all institutions get reliable, fast and strong data services,” he said.

According to the corporation plans, wireless internet services will also be rolled out to all public areas thus enabling the majority of residents with the right devices to be always connected.

The TTCL official explained that wireless public internet should be soon available to Shopping Malls, Bus Stations, Metros, Airports and Harbors, local markets, public Parks and all tourists’ sites.

But for starters the corporation is currently connecting schools, colleges and other institutions of higher learning.

On the other hand the TTCL is also rolling out the ‘Fiber at Your Doorstep,’ service, entailing linking homes to the high speed fiber optic network to enable each house or office access the internet on monthly billing arrangements.

Through the corporation Tanzania has also established a large and modern Data Center in the country, which is reportedly the best in the Eastern Africa Region, at least according to the TTCL Business Director.

“Our Data Center is so far the only one in the Eastern Africa Region which has been accredited the International Standard Certification (ISO) for its reliable security, stability and high performance,” he claimed.

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