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Romania rolls out job opportunities for Tanzanians to work in Europe. Grants Free Visas, Permits

Romania, through the newly established ‘Savannah Recruitment Business Company,’ has started to recruit Tanzanians and offer them employment opportunities in the south-eastern European country.

“As a member of the European Union, Romania whose labour laws and regulations adhere to those of the EU, promises higher living standards to Tanzanians who will be working in Bucharest and other parts of the country,” said the Company Director Tudor Nistor.

Nistor pointed out that many factories, companies and institutions are opening up in Romania, all of which require an ample and diverse labour force.

“There are ample job opportunities in Romania, rich and diverse cultural and life experiences, but even better Tanzanians will be gaining a global mind-set,” said Stanley Baskwony the North- Rift Regional Director, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and industry.

The KNCCI official was speaking during the occasion to officially launch the Arusha office of the Savannah Recruitment Business Company, which is located at the Tengeru Ward of Meru District, along Moshi-Arusha highway.

The company is helping Tanzanians to expand their job opportunities overseas through recruiting them right at home to be sent for employment under various public and private sectors in Romania.

“They also get to come back with more skills, knowledge, improved future prospects and personal development in order to uplift Tanzania’s economy,” said, adding that people working there will be adding money from plum salary scales and remit the same back home to support their families.

It was stated during the launch that Tanzanians that will secure jobs in Romania will learn new technologies; expertise and benefit from the work experience in Europe then share the skills back home.

They will also be able to apply the newly learned ideas to create new industries in Tanzania.

Savannah recruitment offers free Visas and work permits to all Tanzanians and Kenyans who get the opportunity to be employed in the country.

The initiative originates from the story of a Romanian who fell in love with the beauty and authenticity of Tanzania.

Due to that experience, he decided to lend a helping hand to the people in Tanzania and offer them the opportunity to fly to and work in Romania.

Mr KK Mutai is a Kenyan who studied in Romania and describes the country to be safe, peaceful and made of friendly people, in addition to offering ample opportunities.

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