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Will the new supersonic jet make East African trips?

A new Supersonic speeding aircraft is about to be unleashed into the global aviation industry.

Envisaged to cruise the skies sometimes in 2024, the high-speed jet is the technological candidate expected to fill the vacuum left by Concorde which once brought tourists into East Africa on one special trip.

Now again according to TS2 Space, the aviation industry is buzzing with excitement as another ground-breaking supersonic passenger jet is poised to redefine the future of commercial air travel.

After decades of anticipation following the retirement of the Concorde, the new jet promises to slash flight times while incorporating the latest advancements in technology and sustainability.

This innovative leap forward is generating widespread interest, signalling the dawn of a new era in aviation.

Since the retirement of the Concorde in 2003, airlines and aircraft manufacturers have been striving to fill the void left in the realm of supersonic travel.

The Concorde made two trips into East Africa, the first being in 1975 with the second (and last) recorded in 1988, both in Kenya.

The first time it landed at Embakasi International Airport in Nairobi and when the jet returned in 1988 the terminal had already been renamed ‘Jomo Kenyatta International.’

A seat inside the Concorde did not come cheap, costing Kenyan Shillings 2.6 million, translating into 30 Million/- in Tanzanian currency.

When the new faster and possibly more comfortable supersonic jet takes onto the sky, be sure the ticket will double in price.

The allure of cutting international travel times in half has been driving significant investments in research and development for such technology.

What is a supersonic passenger jet?

A supersonic passenger jet is a type of aircraft capable of traveling at speeds greater than the speed of sound.

As for the concorded it was typically defined as Mach 1 which means it used to cover approximately 767 miles per hour or 1,235 kilometers per hour at sea level.

The new aircraft however travels at Mach 2 speed which doubles that at 2470 kilometers per hour.

Between Cape Town and Cairo

The shortest air distance between Cairo and Cape-Town is 7,241.63 kilometres.

This therefore means that the new jet will be able to cover the entire North to South distance across the African Continent in less than three hours instead of the current eight hours taken by ordinary aircrafts.

The emergent model currently capturing headlines is reported to cruise at speeds exceeding Mach 2.

It also means that passengers aboard will be able to travel from New York to London in just over three hours.

This is a journey that currently takes nearly seven hours on conventional jets.

Market Potential and Economic Viability:

Airlines are considering potential routes for these jets with business travellers and luxury tourism in mind.

The high cost of development and operation, however, will likely result in a premium experience with ticket prices to match.

Despite this, there is optimism that the economic benefits could eventually lead to more accessible pricing and broader market appeal.

Why did the Concorde retire, and how does the new jet differ?

The Concorde was retired due to high operating costs, limited passenger capacity, noise pollution, and environmental concerns.

The new jet aims to address these issues with advanced technology, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced environmental impact.

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