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National Rally Championships: Best Drivers and Navigators get awards

The National Motor Rally events seem to ignite on lower gear this year in fact, apart from the Iringa event the only countrywide motoring event on record was that of the Automobile Association of Tanzania awarding top performers in previous season.

The AAT did host a special Night of Champions in Dar-es-salaam, to recognize top motor sporting personnel in the country who shone during the previous racing season.

The Atlantic Tanzania National Rally Championship Awards Night which took place at Khana Khazana Venue along Ghuba Road in the Oysterbay section of Masaki, Dar-es-salaam, in February 2023, is so far the feat on record.

Among the outstanding rally driver champions awarded during the gala night include, Tufail Amin topping the bill with 122 overall points.

Others are Manveer Birdi in second position with 107 points and Harinder Deere who comes third having amassed 96 points during the 2022 Tanzania National Rally Championships.

The Overall Navigators Champions who raked the awards include Ravi Chana, leading the pack with 83 points, Manmeet Birdi with 81 points and Dave Sihoka, from Zambia also with 81 points and closing third.

Overall winners of the National Rally Champion (NRC 2) were Gurpal Sandhu and Dave Sihoka.

Sandhu hails from Arusha and usually races for the AESL Rally Team. His Navigator, Sihoka comes from Zambia.

For the National Rally Champion (NRC 3) the winners are Tufail Amin and David Matete.

Then comes the youngsters; the Junior Champions getting the accolades for their top performance are Prince Charles and Mohammed Kimenya.

The top award for the best team goes to Amapiano Motor Sports of Dar-es-salaam.

Best Club event goes to Arusha Motor Sports Club. The AMSC organizes and hosts the annual Guru Nanak Motor Rally in the Northern Zone.

As for the Best Club, the Award has been won by Mount Uluguru Sports Club of Morogoro.

Meanwhile Tanzania gets to host the first National Rally Championship event of 2023 through the Rally of Iringa, organized by the Iringa Motor Sports Club in the Southern Highlands.

The Rally takes place between 13 and 14, May 2023.

It will be followed by the Rally of Tanga, which takes place between 10 and 11, June 2023.

In July, Tanzania gets to host the African Rally Championships event through the Automobile Association of Tanzania from 21 to 23, July 2023.

The Rally of Morogoro is going to race from the second day of September 2023 to the third.

The Rally of Arusha, on the other hand, races between October 20 and 22 in the Northern Zone.

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