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Lions Club Free Eye Clinic restores sight to previously blind Dodoma Residents

The Mzizima Lions Club of Dar-es-salaam has extended humanitarian services to Dodoma City where they conducted a free eye clinic camp.

A number of people who previously lost their eyesight testified to regain ability to see again.

More than 1500 residents of Dodoma and its surrounding environs benefitted from the optical health services issued freely by the Lions.

Supported by M-Bet, the free eye check and treatment services took place at the Makole Hospital Premises.

The Dodoma legislator, Anthony Mavunde who also assisted in the free eye clinic initiative stated that, the number of people suffering eyesight complications is on increase but many cannot afford hospital charges thus the need to support them in one way or another.

The secretary of Mzizima Lions Club, Ragib Hassanally explained that his club not only extended free eye treatments to residents of Dodoma but also took time to conduct free diabetes diagnosis as well as checking and measuring the residents’ blood pressures.

“There was high turnout of patients and we managed to even conduct minor and large eye surgeries,” Hassanally explained.

The rest either got free medicinal prescriptions or issued with eye glasses to aid their visions.

From what was observed from the Dodoma Eye-Camp, the Lions Club has discovered that most of the patients suffering sight challenges are elderly people.

“We have also come across serious cases of Trachoma that could have been prevented,” said the Lion Club official.

As a result, the Lions Club now plans to extend free eye clinics to all parts of Tanzania.

The Dodoma City’s Deputy Mayor Jamal Ngalya, expresses the need to have such eye camps for at least twice a month, since the situation calls for it.

“Experience proves that Dodoma is among regions with a large number of people who suffer serious eye and sight complications,” he pointed out.

According to Ngalya, the majority of patients cannot afford treatment charges imposed by local hospitals or health centers.

In fact there are some who had totally lost their sight such as Tatu Hamisi, a formerly blind lady.

“I have been totally blind and tried to seek treatments in various health centers but without success,” she recalls.

But surprisingly after the Lions Club eye-care services her sight was restored; “I can clearly see now!”