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Kenya is Burning: Embassies speak against abductions and killings as President Ruto warn financiers of violence

Kenya’s President William Samoei Ruto said he will mobilize state machinery to stomp out what he described to be a form of terrorism camouflaged as democratic marches of protest.

“We shall treat these treasonous happenings accordingly,” maintained the clearly ruffled Ruto who insisted that the ‘unfortunate’ events were being bankrolled by groups of people out to destabilize the East African country.

He insisted that his government will deploy all means possible to contain the situation.

Ruto’s address to the nation came shortly after video clips of soldiers loading live bullets into their guns started circulation on social media platforms, with commentaries warning that the cops have been given orders to kill.

At least ten people were killed in Nairobi as a series of youth protests against Kenya’s recently read financial bill, took on escalated developments.

Youths stormed into the Parliament Building in Nairobi and set it on fire on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Some opposition legislators joined the demonstrations in the city.

Earlier, a joint statement from Ambassadors and High Commissioners regarding what has been labelled as ‘Generation Z’ peaceful demonstrations reminded that Kenya’s constitution guarantees the right to peaceful protests.

However, the international representatives expressed concern by cases of violence witnessed in many parts of the country, including abductions of protestors.

The statement was jointly released by the Canadian High Commission, The Royal Danish Embassy, the Embassy of Finland, and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Embassies of Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, the United States, Romania and the British High Commission.

The envoys said they welcomed civic engagement by all Kenyans, in particular the youth in addressing issues of public concern and the leaders should find peaceful solutions through constructive dialogue.

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