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‘I Know What You Did Last Summer!’ Raila Odinga Ignites 2027 Election Journey

After a three-months hiatus from politics, Raila Odinga, the all-time Kenya Presidential Candidate is back.

In his forthcoming public rally, slated for Wednesday December 7, 2022, the charismatic ‘Baba’ threatens to spill the beans.

“We know what they did! How they did it! … And who helped them do it. We shall reveal it shortly.” Tweets Raila Odinga.

Apparently, he plans a larger-than-life meeting at Kamukunji grounds, the famous and infamous spot for politics changing rallies since the Saba-Saba gatherings of 1990s.

Raila went underground following the August 2022 General Elections in which he was trounced by William.

Among the places that Baba went to cool it off was the Zanzibar Islands of Tanzania.

For observers, it seems the Kenya Presidential General Elections 2027 is already on high gear.

President William Ruto, who beat Raila during the 2022 polls last August is also tweeting.

“Even with the system and deep state you lost the election. Stop deluding yourself and lying. The coup to overturn the will of the people using rogue commissioners, you are now threatening us with Maandamano about FAILED! Their guilt or innocence will be determined by Tribunal. Rule of Law it is!”

William Samoei Ruto

Ruto, or Bill the Fifth, mentions no names but he doesn’t have to bother, everybody gets the drift.

However, reactions below the post have not been that positive, with some posts demanding that the President should fire whoever tweets on his behalf.

Other warn Ruto that as the head of state should be uniting people instead of creating political wedge between Kenyans.

All the same, the Kenyan Head of State has mobilized security organs to ensure that Raila Odinga and his people enjoy a peaceful rally at Kamukunji.

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